AVant Live Sessions – Dymny | Mazur | Toth Trio Live in Lanckorona

25 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain, Central Europe finally has its own improvisers! They have been slowly emerging from the abyss of mainstream jazz which found its place in totalitarian countries and dominated the community of improvising musicians after the regime had fallen; they have been also emerging from the depths of academic structures interested in avant-garde and sound art. With a little background in the form of few free jazz experiments and the yass feast of the 90s, they took the first serious steps in the new, 21st century. Nowadays they create an interesting, vibrant and active scene with a wide variety of artistic statements and personnel configurations. Musicians from Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Russia make the new quality of free, spontaneous improvisation, based to some extent on the experience of “internal freedom” inherited from their older colleagues.

Toth/Mazur/Dymny is a Polish-Slovakian trio and a part of NewEast (a larger project integrating musicians from the former communist bloc countries who are involved in collective spontaneous improvisation). Dynamics and expression, rapid changes and reckless sound figures are the hallmarks of this ensemble.

Recorded by DTS Studio for Siedem Poziomów Foundation.