Nucleon at Jazz nad Odrą festival /15.04.2015, Impart, Wrocław/

Projekt of Wojciecha Konikiewicz  | Ryszard Misiek In Memoriam

Ryszard Misiek
Ryszard Misiek

Unusual music project entitled “Why jazz avant-garde?” Is a concert story, inspired by the life and work of Richard Gwalbert Miska, legendary saxophonist and winner of all prizes of “Jazz on the Oder” festivals in the 70s.

Wroclaw concert will be a presentation of all generations of Polish avant-garde jazz, from the 70s until today, with combination of achievements and character of Instrumental Polish Theatre creator.


Andrzej Mitan (plus selected musicians  Free Cooperation)

Instrumental Theater:
Olga Szwajgier
Krzysztof Stopa
Artur Dutkiewicz

Janusz Smyk – ts, as, ss, fl (plus selected musicians Free Cooperation)

Free Cooperation:
Mariusz Stopnicki
Antoni “Ziut” Gralak
Szczepan Pospieszalski – tp
Bronisław Duży – tb
Maciej Matysiak – bs, kbs
Marek Kazana – ss, as, cl
Aleksander Korecki – ss, as, ts, fl
Henryk Gembalski – viol
Janusz “Yanina” Iwański – g
Wojciech Konikiewicz – keyb
Marcin Pospieszalski – db
Frank Parker – dr
Piotr Bikont –  recitation/narration

Duet Mazzolla:
Jerzy Mazzoll – bcl
Dawid Kosiarkiewicz – bs

Aleksander Papierz – saxes
Jakub Rutkowski – dr, el. dr
Tomasz Głuc – groove box, handsonic & sampler
Michał Dymny – g
Adam Rosołowski aka Vj FX – visualisation, multimidia projections

Idea and realization – WOJCIECH KONIKIEWICZ

In a simplification, we can assume that the next wave of avant-garde appeared in Polish jazz in the rhythm of decades. And so it was the beginning of the 70’s and Group Session 71. The 80’s are the beginning of the second wave, which in connection with the first (Session 80 Acoustic Action) brought e.g activities of such bands as: Tie Break, Green Revolution, Pick Up and Moko, and achieved the culmination of these groups of musicians joining the Free Cooperation orchestra.

The 90s are the birthtime of yass – mainstream-branded by musicians such as Leszek Możdżer, Mikolaj Trzaska, Jerzy Mazzoll, Tymon Tymański, Jacek Olter.
The first decade of the twentieth century was a period in which the next generation of artists took the floor – they have emphasized by their attitude evolution of this trend: Maciej Obara, the team Robotobibok (same environment as Cuba Cookie and Artur Majewski), Ireneusz Wojtczak, Piotr Damasiewicz and Marcin Masecki.
During concert, all of these (music) waves will have their representatives.
Current avant-garde has its stable and important place in Polish jazz – it is simply an important factor to its dynamic development. It manifests itself from the beginning of the Jazz on the Oder, which is rewarding artists such as Andrew Przybielski, Helmut Nadolski, Alexander Korecki and Richard Misiek, recognized its phenomenon as equal alongside other directions.

The work and life of Richard Miska will be the canvas of the whole concert during this year’s festival – both his lyrics, archival recordings and iconography will be interwoven into performances of each formation. The depth of his musical legacy inspired different artists. The element connecting the past and presence will be musicians of Instrumental Theatre. Peter Bikont will be reading text of Richard Miska’s The final song closing the concert will be „Nothing is comming” performet by rapper Big Pe and DJ SPOX-a.

15 April 2015, at 22.30, sala kameralna Impartu (ul. Mazowiecka 17)