Dymny Trilla duo – Cave Canem, 2015


Michał Dymny – electric guitar
Vasco Trilla – drums

special guest:
Paulina Owczarek – baritone saxophone [tracks 6, 8]

recorded by Rafał Drewniany, DTS Studio at Alchemia, Kraków 2013
mixed and mastered by Rafał Drewniany

published by FMR Records, 2015


This powerful duo emerged in Krakow from a colaboration of Discordian Records (Barcelona based label) with some Polish improvisers As a result , the duo played a few gigs in Poland and Spain, toured Europe and recorded an album entitled Cave Canem . The cd features saxophonist Paulina Owczarek as a special guest and was recorded by master Rafal Drewniany in Alchemia ,Krakow. Michał Dymny is an improvising musician, playing the electric guitar. He has developed an individual style based on sonoristic techniques and instrument preparations that he applies in free improvisation. He has participated in a number of events organized by the Krakow-based group Improvising Artists, as well as in projects known as Entropy and Process – Laboratory of Intuition. “Vasco Trilla just doesn’t stop moving, from one sound to the next, his economy of motion is almost as impressive as the sounds he makes. At one point, he bends low, blowing through the hole in a cymbal resting on the drum before him – so hard as to lift it momentarily – while simultaneously detuning the drumhead; the resulting vibration fills the room. Vasco Trilla is the clockwork alchemist of percussion”. Dave Foxall”