Institute of Intuition & Ensemble Morph

11th November 2015 (wednesday), 7pm
Galeria i!, ul. Józefińska 21, Kraków


Institute of Intuition will play with members of Swedish/Belarusian collective Ensemble Morph.


The Ensemble Morph:
Elena Mashkovskaya – flute
Stanislav Pialov – saxophone
Nana Pi Aabo-Larsen – saxophone
Tatsiana Omelyanenko – violin
Olle Wikström – saxophone
Ilona Les – cello
Dan Schyman – doublebass
Alexander Yasinski – accordeon, bayan
Simon Thörn – guitar
Niklas Bennerholm – percussion
Kristoffer Rostedt – drums
Irina Petkevich – piano, glass instrument
Darya Lukashyk – voice

Herman Müntzing – artistic director
Margarethe Müntzing – coordinator
Desirée Burenstrand – photo, dokumentation

Institute of Intuition:
Tomek Chołoniewski – drums
Michał Dymny – electric guitar
Paulina Owczarek – saxophones



Ensemble MORPH is the name of a fruitful cooperation project between the music academy´s in Minsk, Belarus and Malmö, Sweden. The ensemble is led by Herman Müntzing, who is the artistic director and Margarethe Kuhn-Müntzing, project coordinator. Helena Adameiko is representing the administration of the music academy in Minsk

The repertoire consists of a modern kind of improvised music, organised not by a traditional score, but with other forms of guidelines and instructions like graphic notation, hand signs and similar.