Process – 2

Process - 2

Rafal Mazur – bass
Rafal Drewniany – laptop
Michal Dymny – electric guitar

Attila Dóra – sax

This AudioTong release is an out-come of one of the improvised sessions which are frequently organized by musicians from improviser’s collective working at „Laboratory of Intuition – studio of developing and promotion of improvised art” which is located in Krakow.

PROCESS- Laboratory of Intuition is an ensemble of improvisers founded by Rafal Mazur in 2004.

In addition to artistic activity, members are engaged in a theoretical investigation of intuitive improvisation, particularly focusing on the problem of ensemble activity.

The sound of PROCESS is a mix of free jazz, club electronica and contemporary electroacoustic music.

Attila Dóra comes from Budapest, Hungary. He studied philosophy and maths. Attila plays alt and tenor saxophones, prepared trumpet, he’s also teaching at Contemporary Dance Academy in Budapest.

released 24 September 2007

„Process – 2” at Audiotong

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