Process & Lisa Ullen – Live in Krakow

Process & Lisa Ullen - Live in Krakow

Improvised music scene in Krakow seems to be very lively and rapidly developing. The recording here is a good example of what we mean.

Well-known Swedish pianist, Lisa Ullen, came to the city in July and performed an astonishing concert with local musicians – the Process ensamble featuring Rafal Mazur on custom-made acoustic bass guitar, Rafal Drewniany on laptop and electronic devices and Michal Dymny on electric guitar.

Starting off with a low but intense sound the performance went into the area of unstoppable fury and passion. Four great musicians understanding each other almost perfectly made this slighlty more than 30 minutes a really enjoyable concert.

Two sets of high quality improv music are available here for free download in 320kbps mp3 files or – if you prefer – lossless .flac format. You should have been there… but if you couldn’t, just listen to it now.
released 30 July 2008
Lisa Ullen: grand piano

Rafal Mazur: acoustic bass guitar
Rafal Drewniany: laptop
Michal Dymny: electric guitar

Recorded live in Contemporary Art Centre Solvay
Krakow, 25.07.2008

Recorded by Bogdan Czyszczan
Mixed and mastered by Rafal Drewniany – Mobile Recording Studio „Dźwięk to Sztuka/Sound is Art”

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